Electronic Game Callers

Shooters Oasis is now carrying the MA series of callers from Wildlife Technologies!

Our Customers who have followed Shooters Oasis since the Late 90's,  know that we are dedicated Predator hunting enthusiasts and have always been great advocates of Wildlife Technologies Electronic Game Callers.  Over the years we have sold and used just about every E-Caller on the market. None have ever come close to the the quality and effectiveness of the Wildlife Technologies Caller.  When we made the decision to Revamp and Restructure our catalog and Website we agreed to only carry products that we believe in and can honestly recommend without hesitation.  The Wildlife Technologies Caller was the first product that came to mind.  Wildlife Technologies created the first Digital Electronic Game Caller.  All recordings are Wildife Technologies studio grade sounds made from REAL animals, not some guy in sound studio blowing on a $5.95 Hand call.  The difference in the field is amazing!  Wildlife technologies is also one of the loadest E-callers on the market, for you that are experienced predator callers, you know that there is abolutely no substitute for volume in circumstances like winds and large open spaces.  With the sound recording, sound quality and volume there really is no other caller to compare.

 For a Limited time Shooters Oasis is offering a trade-in program for your electronic caller.  To show you how much we believe in this product we will offer you $50.00 Trade in for any Electronic caller in working condition or not and $100 dollars for any currently cataloged FOX-PRO and $25 dollars for that old nasty saliva stained hand call.
Model MA-15 $489 (60 sounds)

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Model MA-21 $589 (120 sounds)

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 Signal to noise ratio-96 dB
Dynamic range-106 dB
Sampling rate-
Up to 96Khz 24 bit
Compact design-  Just over 5 pounds 
Extreme volume- 3-5 times lounder than any known E-caller while mantining crystal clear.
ower requirements- 15 to 21 volts dc Depending on model
 • The system can store 1000 different sounds simultaneously.

The user can stop play, play, pause, change volume or switch from one sound to another and back instantly. The user can also assign 10 different sounds to favorite  keys using only  the transmitter, set the transmitter's go to sleep time and also change the transmitter's  ID to any of seven different ID channels including a master channel to control all wildlife callers in range. Just turn on the power switch and you're ready to start calling animals that you never imagined you could 

01 Mouse Vole
02 Cottontail Rabbit Distress
03 Fleming Hare Baby Distress
04 Jack Rabbit Young Distress
05 Snowshoe Hare Distress
06 Bobcat Baby Distress 
07 Bobcat Female In Heat 
08 Fox Squirrel Distress 
09 Prairie Dog Distress
10 Pig Baby Distress
11 Javelina Young Distress
12 Raccoon Adult Distress
13 Porcupine Baby Distress
14 Red Fox Adult Male Distress
15 Red Fox Young fighting
16 Gray Fox Adult Male Distress
17 Gray Fox Adult Female Distress
18 Groundhog Adult Male Distress
19 Pileated Woodpecker Distress
20 Ringneck Pheasant Young Male Distress
21 Flicker 
22 Magpie Alarms
23 Ravens Fighting Over Food 
24 Crow Adult Male Distress
25 Crow Young Male Distress
26 Crow Single Alarm Calls
27 Crows Mobbing
28 Coyote Adult Female Howls
29 Coyote Young Female Howls
30 Coyote Young Female Territorial Howls
31 Coyote Adult Female Mating Howls
32 Coyote Adult Male Communicative Howls
33 Coyote Young Single Howls
34 Coyote Adult Beta Male Howls
35 Coyote Young Male Aggressive
36 Coyote Adult Pair Aggressive
37 Coyote Male 8 Months Old Distress
38 Coyote Adult Male Distress
39 Coyote 10 Week Old Pup Distress
40 Coyote Adults Fighting Over Food
41 Coyote Pups Howling
42 Coyote Hunting Whines
43 Coyote Adult Male Rally Howl
44 Antelope Fawn Distress
45 Elk Calf Distress
46 Whitetail Fawn Distress
47 Lamb Baby Distress
48 Cow Calf Distress
49 Wolf Young Male & Female Howls
50 Wolf Pup Distress
51 Cougar Adult Female Calls
52 Cougar Adult Male Calls
53 Cougar Young Call
54 Black Bear Begging
55 Black Bear 4 Months Old Distress
56 Wild Turkey Hen Feeding
57 Wild Turkey Tom Gobbles
58 Whitetail Doe Grunts
59 Whitetail Buck Grunts
60 Whitetail Bucks Fighting

01 Vole
02 Mouse deer
03 Muskrat
04 Mink Baby Distress
05 Skunk Adult Distress
06 Barred Hare Distress 
07 Cottontail Adult Distress
08 Cottontail Young Distress 
09 Cottontail Baby Distress
10 Flem Baby Distress
11 Jack Rabbit Distress
12 Snowshoe Hare Distress
13 Bobcat Baby Distress
14 Bobcat Young Call
15 Bobcat Adult Female Call
16 Bobcat Female In Heat Call
17 Lynx Adult Female Call
18 Lynx Female Calling Young
19 Lynx Baby Distress
20 Prairie Dog Distress
21 Pig Baby Distress 
22 Javelina Young Distress
23 Raccoon Adult Distress 
24 Raccoon Baby Distress
25 Raccoon Baby Call
26 Raccoons Fighting
27 Porcupine Distress
28 Red Fox Adult Male Distress
29 Red Baby Distress
30 Red Fox Young Fighting
31 Red Fox Adult Female Mating Call
32 Gray Fox Adult Male Distress
33 Gray Fox Adult Female Distress
34 Gray Fox Bark
35 Gray Fox Fighting
36 Groundhog Adult Distress
37 Groundhog Baby Distress
38 Redtail Hawk Screams
39 Pileated Woodpecker Distress
40 Ringneck Young Male Distress
41 Blackbird Distress
42 Blue Jay Distress
43 Bluebird Distress
44 Flicker Distress 
45 Magpies
46 Ravens Fighting
47 Raven Baby Distress
48 Crow High Pitched Distress
49 Crow Young Distress
50 Crow Baby Distress
51 Crow Alarm Calls
52 Crows Mobbing
53 Coy Adult Female Howls
54 Coy Young Female Howls
55 Coy Young Female Territorial
56 Coy Adult Female Mating
57 Coy Adult Male Communicative
58 Coy Young Howl
59 Coy Adult Bark
60 Coy Dominate Male Howls
61 Coy Beta Male Howls
62 Coy Male Territorial Howls
63 Coy Young Male Aggressive
64 Coy Adult Pair Agg
65 Coy Adult Submissive
66 Coy 8 Months Old Distress
67 Coy Adult Distress
68 Coy Pup Submissive 
69 Coy 10 Week Old Pup Distress
70 Coy Fighting Over Food
71 Coy Pups Howling
72 Coy Hunting Whines
73 Coy Adult Male Rally Group Howl
74 Moose Calf Distress
75 Antelope Fawn Distress
76 Mule Deer Fawn Distress
77 Elk Calf Distress
78 Whitetail Fawn Distress
79 Lamb Baby Distress
80 Goat Baby Distress
81 Cow Calf Distress
82 Wolf Young M&F Howling
83 Wolf Young Male Howls
84 Wolf Adult M&F Howling
85 Wolf Adult Male Howls
86 Wolf Pup Distress
87 Cougar Adult Female Call
88 Cougar Female Calling Young
89 Cougar Adult Male Calling
90 Cougar Male Territorial
91 Cougar Young Call
92 Black Bear Aggressive
93 Black Bear Submissive
94 Black Bear Baby Distress 
95 Black Bear Adult Distress
96 Elk Bugle
97 Elk Cow Mating Call
98 Moose Bull Thrashing 
99 Moose Bull Grunts
100 Moose Bull Reply Call
101 Moose Cow Mating
102 Carribou Bull Call
103 Whitetail Doe Grunts 
104 Whitetail Buck Grunts  
105 Whitetail Fighting
106 Barred Owl Call
107 Great Horn Call
108 Wild Turkey Chirps
109 Wild Turkey Hen Feeding
110 Wild Turkey Hen Purrs
111 Wild Turkey Tom Aggressive
112 Wild Turkey Tom Gobbles
113 Canada Geese Calling
114 Canada Geese Flying
115 Canada Geese Distress
116 Snow Geese Excited
117 Snow Geese Feeding
118 Snow Geese In The Water
119 Mallard Male
120 Mallards Feeding