Gunsmithing / Custom Rifles

Looking for high performance gunsmithing?  Look no further! Our Gunsmiths have spent the last 30 years specializing in extreme accuracy.  All work is held to extremely tight tolerences and guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.  We also offer one of the most varied assortment of wildcats available anywhere, including Master Gunsmith Brad Stair's line of Tejas wildcats.

Custom 6.5X47 Lapua

Shooter’s Oasis Factory Rifle Accurizing Special:
Since 1997 we have offered a factory rifle accurizing package that is designed to bring out the very best in your rifle.
The Action:
Our Accurizing package is designed and engineered to bring your factory action into the same tolerence levels as much more expensive custom actions.  The main difference in accuracy between a factory action and custom action is the tolerences that the manufacturing process is held to.  Large manufacturers must mass produce actions that are basically a "one-size-fits-all" type of manufacturing.  Custom manufacturers can charge higher prices because they place a higher value on precision instead of higher production, thus creating tighter tolerences.  We pride ourselves in taking the custom action approach to your supplied factory action.  Squaring everything to centerline, the action threads are chased parallel with bolt raceways, the front of action is cut perpindicular to the bolt, the bolt face is cut parallel to the action face and the back of bolt lugs are lapped for perfect, even contact.  Everything limits and reduces "Stack Up" tolerences that rob your action of its total potential.
The Barrel:
After the action is squared and trued we set back the threads on your barrel and rechamber with a piloted reamer that follows centerline of the bore precisely. Then the barrel is recrowned with a Target-style Crown. The reamer selection that our gunsmith has is second to none with standard and wildcat chambers with well over 100 available.  This is also a perfect time to contemplate your chamber of choice, if you have ever had that" ITCH" for a wildcat, or Ackley improved, or one of Master Gunsmith Brad Stair's Tejas wildcats, this is the perfect time to do it.  Always wanted a 243 Ackley Improved? Take that .243 and have it improved or turned into one of our favorite Wildcats, the 6mm-284.  Have a 300 Ultra Mag? Have it accurized and chambered in the awesome Invention of Brad Stair, the 300 Tejas.  These are just a few examples while almost every caliber available has a possibility of a Improved version or a bigger Wildcat.  Please call us and we will discuss the possibilities in your situation.
 Remington 700/Pac-nor Select Match Stainless Steel Barrel
Chambered in .300 Tejas
Finishing Touches:
After the action is squared, the barrel is trued, rechambered and crowned and everything is mounted and headspaced we start to put your gun together.  The barrel is free floated in the stock, The action is glass bedded and the factory trigger is adjusted.  You now have a gun that will give the rest of your guns in the cabinet a COMPLEX.
The Difference:
There are many shops who claim to accurize rifles, but compare the work we perform on your rifle versus what is offered by the "Glass bed, Set trigger here you go, it shoots better" packages.

  The Accurizing Special includes all of the following.

* Cut & Rechamber with Match Chamber

* Blueprint & Square Action

* Square & chase threads on barrel

* Lap & Square Lugs

* Recrown Barrel

* Glass Bed Action

* Float Barrel

Adjust Factory Trigger

* Guaranteed Improvement

* Guaranteed ½ inch or less groups (with varmint weight barrel)

No Improvement/ No Pay

Special Price thru Shooter’s Oasis: $475.00

Still have questions only a live human can answer?  Call Rich @ 801-529-3151

Our Re-barrel Special which includes all of the above plus a Select-Match Pac-Nor barrel is only $935


Accurized Remington 700 VSSF Now Chambered In .223 improved
Remington 700 Action/Pac-nor Select Match Stainless Barrel
Mcmillan Sako Varmint Snow Camo Stock
Chambered in 6-284


Our Remington 722 was a .222 , now chambered in .17 MACH IV.  Pac-Nor Select Match barrel, Pillar Bed, Blueprinted Action. Other accessories: Leupold Vari-X III 6.5-20x40, Burris Signature (Posi-Align) rings and bases, 4 inch sunshade, Harris swivel low bipod.

Other Services Available:


We took this Winchester Model 70 .22-250, medium action on trade.  Our Gunsmiths replaced the old tired barrel with a 26 inch Pac-Nor Straight Taper Varmint Grade Barrel, Moly impregnated the bore, deep fluted the barrel removing over 2 pounds of weight, bead blasted the barrel, and threaded on a multi-port muzzle break. It was also rechambered in a 22-250 Ackley Improved.  With the muzzle break, it has less recoil than our .17 Mach IV.  Other Accessories: Nikon 6.5-20x44 Scope with Fine Cross Hair, Burris Pos-Align Rings, Harris Low Swivel Bipod.

Above is a close-up of one of our Muzzle Brake installs.  Our muzzle brakes differ from alot of our competition because of a internal chamber design.  Notice the perfect blend of barrel and break, it looks like an extension of barrel, not a threaded on break.  These breaks significantly reduce recoil to tolerable levels even on the largest magnums.



McMillan & HS Precision Stocks

 Std. Colors - w/pad * Std. Glass Bed & Std. Barrel Channel & Sling swivels

Price on Request

Re-barrel Services & Options


Match Grade Stainless Steel & Installation - Includes Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrel and tear down fee. (Custom Groove available)


Match Grade Carbon Barrel & Installation - Includes tear down fee 


Accurize Rifle


Re-crown Barrel (starting at) - may have tear down fee


Teflon Coating - No oil needs to be applied.  No smell.  Makes the entire gun weather-proof.  Does not wear off where bluing will.  “The only way to take it off is drag it behind your truck... Or file.... Or saw”  Turnaround varies depending on season.  Call or email for current turnaround times.

Outside Only Bolt, Auto, Revolver, or Pump Shotgun

Colors: Semi-Gloss Black, Satin Black, Green, Gray, Blue, Red


Labor -  $70 per man hour.  $100 per hour machine time.

Fluting - Enhances accuracy, increases rigidity, increases cooling, decreases weight.  All fluting is done cold and slow. Standard 6 groove ..... Starting at:


Pillar Bed Action + Glass Bed


True & Mount Scope / Lap Rings


Install Sako Extractor


Multi - Port Muzzle Brake Chamber Type, Std Smooth Barrel-Blue, Thread Barrel & re-crown. Significantly reduces recoil and can also aid in accuracy eliminating some barrel harmonics.  Once recoil is taken out of the shooting equation youll become a better shot!


Adjust Trigger - 2 to 4 lbs on bolt rifles


Glass Bed Action - Starting at:


Pillar Bed Action + Glass Bed - 


Install Tactical Bolt Handle


 Thread Barrel for Can or Removable Brake  125.00


Remington 700 Chambered in the 20 Tejas (based on improved .222)


Still have questions only a live human can answer?  Call Rich @ 801-529-3151